Xplorer Pro - Cordless clipper for cattle and horse

2 speed levels with up to 2,900 double strokes
Enormously powerful
Longer service life thanks to clipping pressure display
Runtime up to 120 minutes
Light, small and ergonomically shaped
Charge Level indicator integrated in the battery

Heiniger revolutionises cattle and horse clipping with its new XplorerPro clipper. Ever more powerful than its predecessor, the XplorerPro features two speeds and is the only clipper to date to include a patented clipping pressure display. This guarantees more precise clipping than ever before and also extends the clipper’s life.


Manual (PDF)

Spare parts (PDF)


Battery voltage: 10.8 Volt Lithium-Ion
Battery capacity: 2850 mAh
Speed: 2450/2900 dbs/min
Length: 300 mm
Weight: 975 g
Battery charging time: 90 minutes


708-600 (EU/CH)
708-601 (GB)
708-602 (AU)
708-603 (US)

Also suitable for: