EVO - Shearing plant

Shearing machine with 3 speeds
Strong 300 W Motor
Australian “WorkSafe” Award 

The first professional shearing system in the world with an electronic safety switch designed to help eliminate handpiece lockup. Sturdy, fibreglass reinforced housing. With downtube fitting, service free belt and quick release.

360 degrees

Manual (PDF)

Spare parts (PDF)


Motor power: 300 watts
Rotary speed at 230V: 3500/3200/2700 rpm
Rotary speed at 120V: 3500/3200/2700 rpm
Dimensions W x H x L: 225 x 300 x 290 mm
Weight: 7,8 kg
Noise emission (LpAm): 70 dB (A)


Complete with flexible drive 200 cm
and handpiece Icon:

722-710.A  230V  EU worm
722-710.B  230V  EU pin
722-720.A  230V  GB worm
722-720.B  230V  GB pin
722-740.A  120V  US worm
722-740.B  120V  US pin

Complete with solide downtube 200 cm
and handpiece Icon:

722-710.I   230V  EU worm
722-710.K  230V  EU pin
722-720.I   230V  GB worm
722-720.K  230V  GB pin
722-740.I   120V  US worm
722-740.K  120V  US pin

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