Annual closing

Our company will be closed for holidays from 24nd December 2022 until 2nd January 2023. We will be back to handle your orders and inquiries from Tuesday, 3rd January 2023.

Xplorer Pro - Xplore the power

Now available!

Heiniger revolutionises cattle and horse clipping with its new XplorerPro clipper. Ever more powerful than its predecessor, the XplorerPro features two speeds and is the only clipper to date to include a patented clipping pressure display. This guarantees more precise clipping than ever before and also extends the clipper’s life.

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New Corporate Design

A breath of fresh air is coming into the design of Heiniger AG!
Our previous claim "quality swiss made" is retiring. With "When results matter" we have already found a successor. The new claim optimally reflects the professionalism and quality of Heiniger AG.

The quality label has also been redefined. With "SWISS MADE PRECISION" it underlines the quality and Swissness of Heiniger products.

And something else has been added in the new year: we now have a figurative mark. This symbolizes the "H" of Heiniger on the one hand and the Swiss cross on the other hand, representing the "Swissness" of the brand.

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Heiniger Blade Care 3-in-1 Spray

We are very pleased to present our new Heiniger Blade Care 3-in-1 Spray. Thanks to its 3-in-1 formula, the spray cleans, cools and lubricates in just one application.

The main points:

- Leaves no residue in the coat
- Unique spray noozle for precise application
- Fresh fragrance
- Suitable for all small animal, horse and cattle clipping blades

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75 years Heiniger AG

Our 75th anniversary is here – a big reason to celebrate!

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Heiniger AG. A journey full of innovation, influential personalities and formative Milestones.

Opal – Brilliant in performance & quietness

We present our new top-of-the-range product, named “Opal”. This new clipper is bound to set new standards in terms of noise, power and ergonomics in the shearing and clipping industry for both small and large animals.

A new building at Heiniger headquarters


We are investing in a new building at our headquarters in Herzogenbuchsee. Only 10 years after the last major expansion, we will dedicate our “Production Plant 4” in 2021.


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The new full-body clipping experience for horses with the added flexibility of wide snap-on clipping heads.

Details of the SaphirHorse can be found here

Xperience 2-speed, Available now!

  • High speed with 2'600/2'900 double strokes
  • Resistant and durable
  • Light, slim and extremely handy
  • Very quiet
  • No distracting escaping air

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